About Us

At Fruitique ice cream company we value and believe in the simple things.

Our main goal is bringing happiness to the world with our product, we want people to enjoy our diverse flavors while celebrating life and building unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

The most amazing fact about us is that we transform simple fruits into fun 100% fruit ice cream with the creamiest textures and exotics flavors that will make your taste buds dance.

Who are we?



We are handmade story makers not only limited to making the best artisan ice cream, but to have the audacity and sensitivity to know why, how, when and where, our ice cream enters the lives of our consumers.




We want to create
a world where small
moments of happiness
feel good and can be
shared anywhere.


Experience of
artisan ice cream that
seeks to generate
happiness through delight,
tradition and natural
flavors that create an
irresistible craving.


People for whom want to
have a pause during the
day with natural and
healthy products with an
irresistible craving.